About Us

It all starts with a conversation

We always start with a conversation. We want to understand you, your business and your vision. Collins & Co has over 65 years of experience in providing value and we strive to advise our clients with the best possible information and expertise at hand.

There is something about having a conversation with you that we love. We are not sure if it is your passion, the blood, sweat and tears that you have poured into your business. We are not sure if it is the time and the hard yards that you have put in. We want to see your vision become reality.

Here to help you grow

When you talk to any one of our advisors, you’ll feel their care and interest in what makes you tick. It is not just about compliance for us, it is about you achieving your goals and your dreams. Whilst we always strive to ensure that you are compliant with taxation requirements, for us it is about the bigger picture.

We look into the future with you, discuss your dreams and go to every possible effort behind the scenes to ensure that you can do what matters to you.


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