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When you walk into our Footscray office as a business client, you gain access to years of experience and business stories. We’ve calmly assisted our clients through some gut-wrenching losses and triumphant victories in their businesses. It’s not necessarily the fee or your business profit that we want to help you improve and optimize, it’s seeing you and your people grow.

We know that business is not about making deals and achieving strong business growth all the time, we know that it’s about the journey and your story. Collins & Co take immense pride in supporting you in this changing commercial environment.

We always listen before we speak, we know that you are experienced in your industry and that your industry knowledge is more profound than anything written in a textbook. We want to put a story to the financials, listening in the first step in us understanding what is happening in your business. We know that the numbers don’t lie, but it’s the people who hold the keys to the truth and the core of a company.

Cash flow is a great starting point but so is a conversation. It’s the exchange of ideas that makes our future partnership so valuable. We look after our side; you look after yours. We are not arrogant enough to believe you can’t run a business effectively, otherwise how would you have come this far?

Buried in your story is your business strategy and that’s where we know that you flourish, we want to extract that and ensure that your financials are singing from the same hymn book as you. This won’t just help you with compliance, which is a basic aspect of our service offering, but will also allow you to understand how you can best grow your business.

Business advisory services are not supposed to interrupt a vision, they are supposed to foster your vision and assist you with what you define as growth. We’ve been in business for long enough to realise that a bigger warehouse, better cars, more money is not always the best way forward. The bottom line is rarely discussed in your initial meetings with accountants, but we see ourselves as advisors to assist you with strategy and business goals.

Our approach to business advice is holistic. Now that we’ve heard your story we want to know about the intricacies of what is going on in your business. We’ll have a conversation with you about cash flow, structuring, tax planning, business valuations, operations, staffing, service offering, professionalism, logistics, supply chain and the list goes on. Please open the below list of business issues we are comfortable with advising on.

For purposes of this example, let’s say you’re playing a key role in a small to medium enterprise and your current accountant isn’t really understanding what is important to you anymore. They are trying to get you to aimlessly increase business capacity and growth without the consideration of remaining sustainable and stable for you’re the wellbeing of your staff.

You know that things are starting to curdle, a few staff members are leaving without a good explanation, things are in decaying but everything seems well enough to continue growing, yet the issue is starting to gather momentum and as a leader you aren’t quite sure what’s going on.

You find yourself ringing our receptionist, and promptly on the line to one of our business advisors. The conversation starts here. We’ll hear your story and then we start to dig a little deeper. We discuss your service and product, and we find out that your staff are getting worn out without feeling recognized for their efforts. So we have a look at any leakages in productivity and we help you build a better internal culture and start growing better. Growth is self-defining, not everyone chooses the same business goals or has the same vision.

We have stepped in to guide you in the next stages of your business story without too abruptly changing your business. We don’t like to intrude, we just want to help make some adjustments. You don’t often need to reroute your business strategy, sometimes it is just a small adjustment.

So amongst the host of services that we offer, we pride ourselves on listening, not overreacting and getting to the bottom of your issue.

A Holistic Approach

Business Strategy

We consider a range of aspects of ,your business when we are providing advice to you. Obviously as we have discussed at length, business goals and business strategy are key aspects to your future, but we’ll also look to improve your operational functionalities and cost analysis.

Financial Statements

We’ll formulate and analyse financial statements in order to have a better understanding of your business strategy and how we can help guide you through whatever trials and tribulations you may be experiencing. We’ll provide you with visibility and we’ll endeavour to understand your business in the most holistic way possible. It’s too easy to be too closely focused on the business operations of your enterprise and we want to help uncover the bigger picture.

Experienced Advisors

We know that you’re going to love our advisors. They’re intelligent and they’re in this industry to learn about stories and help people on their journeys. When you bring one of our advisors into your lives, you’re getting our passion, interest and intellect. Business strategy is a fascinating thing to develop and we’re eager to join you on this journey.

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