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At different stages of life, you may need money that you don’t have. Most people rely on some form of financing to deal with more pressing matters now, and then pay things off over time. A young family needing finance for a bigger home as they are expecting their next child, an entrepreneur with a dream who is short of capital, a business looking to expand it’s production capacity. There are so many different reasons for needing financing options which is why we are so excited about Collins Finance Services.

As part of our comprehensive service offering Collins & Co are proud to be able to offer our clients a full suite of loans and finance services. We have the capability to provide you with access to competitive financing options for a range of purposes including home loans, equipment and asset finance, trade finance, working capital and other types of commercial loans. We are able to add value to your experience with us by making it easier to acquire a loan.

It’s certainly convenient for you to be able to speak with us on taxation, wealth creation or business matter with the ability to quickly receive a quote for a loan that you may require.

Dr. Jim Horne is said to be one of Melbourne’s most proficient junior dentists. After completing his residencies and is ready to start practicing his craft. We met Jim to discuss his options and we realised that there would need to be a huge initial spend to get all of his medical equipment and rent for his building. So after setting up an effective tax structure, Collins Finance Services stepped in to help him out with a loan. Jim was able to really quickly set up his business and start treating patients without having the fuss of coordinating different parties, we were able to assist quickly.

Jane has been eyeing off a house that is just down the way from her apartment window in Richmond. It catches her eye with its homely qualities and upbeat charm. She’s been renting for a few years now and has a partner that she sees herself settling in with to start a family. In her yearly meeting she asks one of our advisors about what her home loan situation might look like. Upon discovering that Jane was interested in finding out more about this offering, we were able to help guide her through the first stages of a home loan. We did some shuffling around and a fair bit of talking and 3 years later Jane and her partner moved into her dream home. We knew that this was the start of something very special for Jane’s family.

Types of Finance We Offer

Home Loans

If you are conducting tax planning or financial planning with us, we may be discussing your future housing situation. You may have practical needs from your home that you need addressed in the near future, you may also have a dream home that you’ve been eyeing off and it’s just come onto the market. Home loans are a common way of addressing some of these issues. When you come on board with us, we are able to synergise your holistic financial situation and provide you with context and visibility around what is realistic and what you can aim for.

Our ability to help you secure a loan is why our service is so comprehensive, we are able to help you through every step of the process, from effective tax planning to set up some goals as your financial advisor and then to helping to facilitate your loan.

Collins Finance Services are able to conduct a property valuation in order to find out how much the property is actually worth according to the bank, and servicing which is how much the you are able to borrow. So rest assured, we know our way around these home loan financing situation.

Business loans

As a business owner, you’ll be familiar with the changing need for money at different times in the business’ life cycle. Sometimes machines or equipment needs to be replaced in order to maintain your competitive edge. You might want to organise a car for some of your employees who are having to travel around for the company. You may have a high initial cost to start your business. The circumstances for which your business needs money to help grow your business are endless. We have the capability to provide you with options when you come in.

We know how your business works, by this stage we might have helped you set up the foundations of your business and now that you’re ready to start a conversation about financing, Collins Finance Services are ready and waiting to help you figure out the next steps in your financing journey.

Other types of financing we offer include:

  • Equipment and Asset Finance
  • Insurance Premium Funding
  • Vendor Finance Solutions
  • Commercial Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Development Funding
  • Working Capital
  • Trade & Debtor Finance

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