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About our Financial Planning Services

Collins Financial Planning Pty Ltd (AFSL 227250) offer a comprehensive financial planning service. Financial planners are able to help you through a process whereby you are able to achieve your goals without having to sacrifice your lifestyle. We understand how important having some structures around your money is and having a consultation with our advisors will allow you to become better at wealth management and help you gain financial independence.

At Collins Financial Planning, we pride ourselves on proactive and progressive service and aim to provide solutions that are clear, concise and achievable based on your goals.

We have two in-house financial advisors who have been providing clients with financial security for over 20 years. Jason Andrew and Mark Ducret have combined 45 years experience

Why You Need Financial Planning

In today’s modern world, there are plenty of responsibilities that we must continue to meet. Plus, there’s even more if you have to run a business or care for a family. The stress of making decisions, when you have all that to consider, can add up. That’s where Collins Financial Planning can help. Our experienced financial planners have helped many individuals develop a financial plan that suits them and their goals.

Financial planning is a process which provides people with a comprehensive strategy to achieve their financial goals and aspirations. It covers all aspects of their financial position including cashflow, investments, debt management, risk management and estate planning. The benefit of receiving financial planning advice from Collins Financial Planning is that it can help you become more financial independent and secure in a holistic way.

Collins Financial Planning utilise a wide range of tactics to assist you with building wealth including, asset allocation, portfolio building, negative gearing strategies, retirement funding and self-managed superfunds.

There are many different stages of life where a financial plan is of great value, here are a few examples of where financial planning has been used to help to address some of the more common financial issues people face.

Gaetano had just qualified as a Lab Technician and landed his first job. He had worked his way through school to pay for most of his out of pocket and car (that his parents had passed down to him) expenses. Although he was still happy to live at home (I hadn’t at this stage spoken to his parents) he wanted to save for an investment property or perhaps even his own home in the future. Obviously an annual trip to Bali was a necessity, as he’d just gotten back from his first trip two months before.

We looked at his expenses and discussed first homes saver accounts which were a little too inflexible for him.  We completed a cash flow projection and set up a savings plan. He understood the effects that his Bali experiences would have on his ability to gain an investment property. We discussed the things that a bank would look for in a loan, such as regular and consistent savings to the level of repayments. We then looked at what loan was possible with his savings, this let him know what value of property he should be looking at.

He left with the beginnings of a plan to save for his future and with confidence he could still enjoy having his regular trips to Bali.

It had finally come John had received his gold watch and retired, Enid had not worked for the past few years. Before John had retired we had devised a plan to dramatically increase his Self Managed Super Fund by both salary sacrifice and transferring a reasonable shareholding to his super, managing this to minimise Capital Gains Tax. As such they had a sufficient amount in super to provide them a comfortable lifestyle. We also eliminated debt, first on their home and then on an investment property.

We looked at the insurances that they had and minimised them so as to simply provide for potential events such as funeral costs, thereby saving them significant premiums. We re-jigged the asset allocation of the investments in his fund to reduce volatility as much as possible. They would be able to live off the earnings of the fund comfortably.

Although their assets were too high to receive an aged pension we did get them a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card which saved them some money on medications, etc.

We also had some preliminary discussion of aged care issued and what strategies we may make in the future to reduce the costs of nursing homes and hostels. We decided to look at this again in a few years time, as at the moment they just wanted to kick up their heels.

Why choose us for Financial Planning?

Our philosophy

Everyone deserves to enjoy the good life. For some people that might be paying off a loan or buying a new car. For others that might be living in a bigger home, sending your kids off to private school or buying a gift for your partner. Everyone has a different idea of what being rich looks like and our financial planners want to help you achieve your own financial goals.

There are many types of goals that an individual may wish to set for themselves and that is totally up to you. Our financial planners will always take a listen-first approach to your questions and goals.

Above all, Collins Financial Planning takes a value-based approach to financial advice. We always start with a free consultation so that we can get to know what makes you tick. In our first conversation, we’ll ask you about how you define wealth creation, what you would like to get out of the next few years and we’ll also ask you about your superannuation and general financial situation. In this session, there is so much to cover. We can talk through how you can leverage your spending habits to maintain your lifestyle and also achieve some of your goals.

The reality is that everyone has different values and Collins & Co strives to uncover what your values are. It does not help you to see a financial planner only to have your motivation slashed by a gruelling new weekly budget or a restricted lifestyle that doesn’t suit you. Generating some financial security can be achieved without having to change what you like doing on the weekends or in your own time. It takes a good listener to understand how to approach your specific values in a financial plan and we pride ourselves on understanding you and your values before we put pen to paper on any advice we may give you.

No one is too old or too young to learn something new and financial planning will allow you to develop your skills as an individual to become more disciplined and more self-aware. You will receive advice on how to make better financial decisions. There are many valuable lessons to be learned and by undergoing a process of financial planning you will be able to grow as an individual.

Our process

We always start with a free consultation. It’s an opportunity to get to know you, your values and your goals. We’ll have a chat with you about what you are trying to achieve in the future, that may be as simple as buying your first property or organising an education plan. We’ve got to know what you are trying to learn and achieve in the coming years, so that we can formulate strong advice and give you tools to do those things. After our initial consultation, we will then formulate that advice for you explaining how it works and get into the detail of the plan. We commit to our clients that we will always continue the conversation, so that you are able to have the peace of mind that you aren’t going to be getting advice that you won’t be able to act on. We support and guide you through your financial plan and ensure that Collins Financial Planning other services are made easily accessible and available to you.

To achieve your financial plan, you may need to utilise corporate services, start a new self-managed superfund or get access to investment advice. Collins Financial Planning are able to advice on all of these aspects of your financial plan moving forward. We can bring others into meetings with you to answer your questions face to face to ensure that we can get as many experts on your case as possible.

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