About Self Managed Super Funds

Self managed super funds are a financial product that allow you to choose the investments that are in your superfund. Everyone should be aware that when they get paid, they must contribute a portion of their wages to a superfund. Industry superfunds or other public funds choose to allocate their clients funds based on their investment strategy. A self managed fund is the same, except you get to choose the investment strategy.

A self managed super fund essentially allows you to invest your superfund balance in a way that aligns with your retirement goals and risk appetite. Having full control over your superfund means that you have the greatest amount of control over maximising your retirement benefits. Our SMSF services will support you in conducting the administration of your fund as well as provide annual SMSF compliance and providing ongoing investment advice. We also ensure that as a part of compliance, that your fund is audited in line with Australian taxation law.

Choosing Self Managed Super Fund

There are many ways that you may choose to make investment decisions in your self managed super fund and ultimately you have the power to execute these changes. Some people choose to invest money in shares and . Many people are interested in purchasing property through their superfund for a business or as a way of generating income into their superannuation fund.

Self managed super funds are able to provide a greater level of flexibility. Retail funds are all about consistent returns and will often sell a share when it reaches a certain threshold. In a self managed fund, you have the opportunity to continue to hold a stock or to sell a stock when you want to because you have complete control over your retirement fund. You may use this power to invest in a stock that reflects your values.

Cassidy and John came to us after hearing about our tax planning capabilities. They run a very successful hair salon in their local area. They initially required advice on setting up their business’ tax structure and learnt how they could better manage costs through their time with Collins & Co. Cassidy and John turned 55 and 59 respectively and realised that they might like to retire to spend more time with their young grandchildren. In preparation for this, they were intrigued by the SMSF services offered by Collins & Co. After some discussions the couple decided to establish their own SMSF. After learning about the possibilities of an SMSF, Cassidy and John decided to use their SMSF to purchase a commercial property outright. They decided that they would like to run their business out of the building. This meant that the business was paying rent whilst retaining the funds within the family group rather than the money leaving the family to an external third party. This essentially turned an operational cost into a way of securing funds for retirement. Now the business is assisting Cassidy and John to pay their retirement funds. Cassidy and John could run a business without the fuss of dealing with landlords whilst also having confidence in the tenants’ ability to pay the rent.   

In another client scenario, Laura and Pete were concerned that their retail superfund was not reflecting their values with their investments. They were beginning to be upset with the lack of ethical investment strategy in their retail funds and as a conscientious couple they wanted their superfund to reflect their views on the environment and other important value based issues. The couple got in touch with Collins & Co to investigate. They were advised that the extra control over the assets in the fund would allow them to essentially do whatever they wanted. After setting up their fund and rolling over their funds, Laura and Pete were thrilled to invest their cash into ethical investment decisions. Given Laura and Pete’s ages, 28 and 34, they made the decision to make some slightly more riskier investment decisions in their self managed super fund, than what was available in their retail funds. In this particular case, Laura and Pete were ecstatic to know that their new super fund was able to hold these riskier yet more value based investments which they preferred.

Why choose us for Superannuation Services?

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to support themselves in retirement and maximise their wealth while doing it. Ensuring that you are capturing as much of your own wealth as possible before retiring is vitally important and minimising your tax bill is a part of that process too. Self managed super funds have a specific set of rules that you are able to leverage in a self managed super fund to ensure that you are able to use to maximise what is available to you when you retire.

We believe that taking a holistic view of your self managed super fund is vital for you to be able to get the most out of this commonly untapped resource. That’s why our advisors and SMSF accounting experts are always working in collaboration with each other to ensure that you are able to get the most comprehensive SMSF services possible.

Being able to afford your own retirement is a blessing that requires a lot of planning and work. It is true that some people with a self managed super funds are able to enjoy retirement without living on a pension from the government.

Our Process

After you have decided to get a new self managed super fund, we work on coordinating lawyers, the tax office and ASIC to set up the SMSF on your behalf. We then handle the yearly compliance tasks of the superfund and also will advise you on how to maximise your retirement benefit as well as minimise your tax bill.

The set-up is simple and easy when you get a self managed super fund with us. We support you through making investment decisions and ensuring that any issues that may arise during the lifespan of the super fund are handled without stress. We can provide investment advice and information, and facilitate loans and financial planning.

We also ensure that you’re self managed super fund is protected and appropriate arrangements have been made in the event of death. Our service ensures that your superfund is always being protected throughout the entire lifespan of the fund.

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