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Everyone must pay tax, it’s a simple fact of life. If you’re a business owner or even a wage earner, you’ll be familiar with that all too frequent tax sting. Collins & Co don’t see tax like that, if you’re paying tax you’re also making money. That’s the main thing, making money and profit, and paying tax is a sign that one or both of those things are happening.

When we take on tax planning work, we like to think we have a slightly different approach to your run of the mill accountants. We are interested in how your tax is structured currently and then how we can assist to minimise that into the future. We always try taking a holistic approach where we look at your tax plan to date and from there, look to how we can grow over time.

Tax Planning Starts With a Conversation

We’re not trying to overcomplicate matters when it comes to tax advice, we try to see tax planning as a journey or a story. This way we can offer you more holistic tax advice by formulating a longer term strategy. So in essence, we want your story. We will create financial statements that explain your financial situation so that we can look to improve your tax strategy over time.

So as we know, our service always starts with a conversation. We’ll talk to you about your goals and your vision. After we’re on the same page, we’ll gather up your source documents and formulate a set of financial statements This process will provide you with visibility and clarity on how to move forward with your business and how we can create a tax plan together, that assists you with achieving your goals.

We’re not the only accountants that can do this, we offer you the ability to consult with us on what decisions to make down the track to help grow your business effectively and in the direction you choose to take.

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Tax is an issue that individuals must account for in everything they do and the more you earn the more of a burden this can become. Planning to pay off your mortgage or clear other debt can be a hard hurdle to clear if you don’t have good tax advice. Perhaps there is a better way to plan your personal tax structure to better address some of these issues. Clarity is again the key to making better decisions, which is exactly what we provide you.


As business tax advisors we understand the power of insights. They are fundamental to making good business decisions. No matter if you’re in the early stages of your business or in the twilight stages of a succession plan, we know that insight into your business is what leads to effective growth. So when we do your tax planning, we’ll ensure that you are not only compliant but are moving towards a better financial situation.

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